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Clearwater Services was formed in 1997 to meet growing demand from businesses for a better approach to IT.

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of companies across the US have installed IT systems mostly following a well-worn path, of purchasing PCs and application software, and servers for data storage and back-end services. This can be expensive, inflexible and insecure approach.

Clearwater Services's hosted solutions enable you to do everything you are doing today, and in the future, with a markedly reduced need for technical staff, radically improved data security and built-in disaster recovery.

What we offer?

Managed by a team with extensive IT experience our clients do not need to worry about server upgrades, software licensing or specialist IT resource. All of this is managed by Clearwater Services, with data and applications hosted in purpose-built High Security Server Farms.

With Clearwater Services there is no need to buy and maintain expensive servers. The applications and data your staff need resides on servers in Clearwater Services's High Security Server Farms. Users access them from wherever they are, over the internet. There is no capital outlay, just a monthly charge, 100% deductible for corporation tax purposes. You only pay for what you actually need. The treadmill of hardware and software upgrades becomes a thing of the past, as we scale and shape your service to meet your changing needs. Should your premises be damaged or destroyed you can be up and running immediately wherever you have internet access.

Reasons why you should choose Clearwater Services?


  • We run and manage the servers / services
  • Our servers are kept in a secure facility with limited access
  • All servers have appropriate firewalls that are continually upgraded


  • Your applications are supported, backed up and upgraded with the latest software releases when required
  • We guarantee 99% up time, allowing you access to your applications 24/7
  • We have the infrastructure to ensure that the increasing number of "critical updates" are tried on test platforms before we apply them to live systems


For more information, please contact us:

Tel: 954- 839-8939
Fax: 954-334-2087