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Every organization today uses technology. This technology usually comes with a  lot of upfront costs to the business. Examples of which are acquiring servers, Microsoft applications, licensing, installation, configuration and maintenance. We help mitigate these upfront costs.  Our infrastructure is located in datacenters, which provide redundant internet, power, and security for our equipment. Our services allow businesses to leverage our infrastructure, hardware/ software and our technical expertise to provide them with productivity tools, they need to run their business.  

Benefits of Clearwater Services Cloud Computing Solution:

• Huge costs savings over purchasing and repurchasing servers
• Microsoft Server Platform
• Microsoft Office Applications ( Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
• Faxing from the desktop, Fax to email
• Nightly backups
• Greater uptime to your applications and data
• Anywhere access

You can combine Clearwater Services Cloud Computing Solution with your traditional IT Infrastructure to create an IT model that is best for you and your organizations needs.

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