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Email is a critical business application that contributes to employee efficiency and productivity and is the basis for internal and external communication. Ensuring that your email service offers the most current tools such as collaboration, secure messaging and mobile device support (e.g., iPhone, BlackBerry) may require costly on-staff technical expertise or a trusted consultant. Managing and implementing a secure email system for your business can be complicated and labor-intensive. The real question is not whether but how you will provide an email service that maximizes employee productivity and efficiency. Will you do it in-house or outsource it? And will you offer a full-featured service with guaranteed levels of availability, spam and virus protection, support for different access methods, and collaboration tools, or will you provide a bare-bones, basic service?

  1. 1. Outsourcing delivers a rapid, successful deployment.

Implementing this in-house can be expensive, will take significant time, and requires specialized staff. With an outsourced solution, deployment of an email service is rapid, as the hardware, software, storage, and administrative infrastructure already exists and you are simply tapping into it. Data migration is seamless and managed by the email service provider.

  1. 2. Outsourcing reduces capital expenditures.
  2. Implementing an email service in-house will require capital hardware expenditures, necessary data center infrastructure, including network bandwidth, power supply and rack space as well as monitoring/management software. Outsourcing the email service eliminates these up-front capital expenditures; you pay a service fee based on the number of email accounts and features when you need the additional boxes. This model is referred to as ‘pay as you grow’, which allows a more efficient use of resources.

  3. 3. Your staff stays focused on the business.

Employees expect a full-service email solution with desktop, laptop and mobile device access. Running a highly available, full-feature email service requires a good deal of dedicated staff time. The fully-loaded costs of these personnel are significant. Even if you are using existing staff to perform these functions, you may be diverting time from their primary job function.

  1. 4. Keep up with business communication trends.

Your employees want and expect:
• Full-featured email with synchronized, anywhere access – Outlook, web mail or mobile email
• Device support for BlackBerry, iPhone and other emerging technologies
• Instant, ‘push’ email delivery to PDAs, smart phones and other mobile devices
• Collaboration tools and complementary services including shared calendar, shared address book,
online storage, secure email and archiving.

  1. 5. Your email costs are known and predictable.

If you choose to outsource email, the cost of email services is known, fixed, and predictable. It is also very affordable when compared with the true cost of providing email service in-house.

  1. 6. Did we mention compliance?

Most businesses cannot ignore compliance issues. Industry-specific regulations specify data security, availability, protection and retention requirements that you may need to observe.




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